I enjoy reading quite a lot and treasure every book I’ve owned or been gifted since I was young. Unfortunately, I sometimes lose track so this page serves mostly as a personal reminder although I suppose it could be useful if you ever find yourself curious or bored enough to flick through a stranger’s list.

1SabrielGarth NixAbhorsen (1)
2SabrielGarth NixAbhorsen (1)
3LiraelGarth NixAbhorsen (2)
4LiraelGarth NixAbhorsen (2)
5AbhorsenGarth NixAbhorsen (3)
6AbhorsenGarth NixAbhorsen (3)
7Harry Potter and the Philospher's StoneJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter (1)
8Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter (2)
9Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter (3)
10Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter (3)
11Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter (4)
12Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter (5)
13Harry Potter and the Half Blood PrinceJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter (6)
14Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter (7)
15Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemNewt ScamanderHarry Potter
16Quidditch Through the AgesKennilworthy WhispHarry Potter
17The Gates of RomeConn IgguldenEmperor (1)
18The Death of KingsConn IgguldenEmperor (2)
19The Field of SwordsConn IgguldenEmperor (3)
20The Gods of WarConn IgguldenEmperor (4)
21The Amulet of SamarkandJonathan StroudBartimaeus Trilogy (1)
22The Golem's EyeJonathan StroudBartimaeus Trilogy (2)
23Ptolemy's GateJonathan StroudBartimaeus Trilogy (3)
24The Golden CompassPhilip PullmanHis Dark Materials (1)
25The Subtle KnifePhilip PullmanHis Dark Materials (2)
26The Amber SpyglassPhilip PullmanHis Dark Materials (3)
27The Singer of All SongsKate ConstableChanters of Tremaris Trilogy (1)
28The Waterless SeaKate ConstableChanters of Tremaris Trilogy (2)
29The Tenth PowerKate ConstableChanters of Tremaris Trilogy (3)
30The AlchemystMichael ScottThe Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (1)
31The MagicianMichael ScottThe Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (2)
32EragonChristopher PaoliniInheritance Cycle (1)
33EldestChristopher PaoliniInheritance Cycle (2)
34BrisingrChristopher PaoliniInheritance Cycle (3)
35Soon I Will Be InvincibleAustin Grossman
36The Zombie Survival GuideMax Brooks
37World War ZMax Brooks
38Tersias the OracleG.P. Taylor
39Artemis FowlEoin ColferArtemis Fowl (1)
40Artemis Fowl: The Arctic IncidentEoin ColferArtemis Fowl (2)
41Artemis Fowl: The Eternity CodeEoin ColferArtemis Fowl (3)
42Artemis Fowl: The Eternity CodeEoin ColferArtemis Fowl (3)
43Artemis Fowl: The Opal DeceptionEoin ColferArtemis Fowl (4)
44Artemis Fowl: The Lost ColonyEoin ColferArtemis Fowl (5)
45Artemis Fowl: The Time ParadoxEoin ColferArtemis Fowl (6)
46The Artemis Fowl FilesEoin ColferArtemis Fowl
47Artemis Fowl: The Graphic NovelEoin ColferArtemis Fowl
48The HobbitJ.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings
49The SilmarillionJ.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings
50The SilmarillionJ.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings
51Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-EarthJ.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings
52The Fellowship of the RingJ.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings (1)
53The Two TowersJ.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings (2)
54The Two TowersJ.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings (2)
55The Return of the KingJ.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings (3)
56Lord of the FliesWilliam Golding
57Blood PriceTanya HuffBlood Books (1)
58Blood TrailTanya HuffBlood Books (2)
59Blood LinesTanya HuffBlood Books (3)
60Blood PactTanya HuffBlood Books (4)
61Blood DebtTanya HuffBlood Books (5)
62The Angel ExperimentJames PattersonMaximum Ride (1)
63School's Out - ForeverJames PattersonMaximum Ride (2)
64Saving the World and Other Extreme SportsJames PattersonMaximum Ride (3)
65The Final WarningJames PattersonMaximum Ride (4)
66MAXJames PattersonMaximum Ride (5)
67IncantationAlice Hoffman
68Memoirs of a GeishaArthur Golden
69City of the BeastsIsabel AllendeCity of the Beasts (1)
70Kingdom of the Golden DragonIsabel AllendeCity of the Beasts (2)
71Forest of the PygmiesIsabel AllendeCity of the Beasts (3)
72Angels and DemonsDan Brown
73Angels and Demons: Special Illustrated Collector's EditionDan Brown
74The Da Vinci CodeDan Brown
75The Da Vinci Code: Special Illustrated Collector's EditionDan Brown
76Deception PointDan Brown
77Digital FortressDan Brown
78The Rule of FourIan Caldwell; Dustin Thomason
79Dragon RiderCornelia Funke
80The Thief LordCornelia FunkeSigned copy
81InkheartCornelia FunkeInkworld Trilogy (1)
82InkspellCornelia FunkeInkworld Trilogy (2)
83InkdeathCornelia FunkeInkworld Trilogy (3)
84Island of the Blue DolphinsScott O'Dell
85Tides of WarSteven Pressfield
86Last of the AmazonsSteven Pressfield
87The Bad BeginningLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (1)
88The Reptile RoomLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (2)
89The Wide WindowLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (3)
90The Miserable MillLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (4)
91The Austere AcademyLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (5)
92The Ersatz ElevatorLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (6)
93The Vile VillageLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (7)
94The Hostile HospitalLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (8)
95The Carnivorous CarnivalLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (9)
96The Slippery SlopeLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (10)
97The Grim GrottoLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (11)
98The Penultimate PerilLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (12)
99The EndLemony SnicketA Series of Unfortunate Events (13)
100The Field GuideHolly Black; Tony DiTerlizziThe Spiderwick Chronicles (1)
101The Seeing StoneHolly Black; Tony DiTerlizziThe Spiderwick Chronicles (2)
102Lucinda's SecretHolly Black; Tony DiTerlizziThe Spiderwick Chronicles (3)
103The Ironwood TreeHolly Black; Tony DiTerlizziThe Spiderwick Chronicles (4)
104The Wrath of MulgarathHolly Black; Tony DiTerlizziThe Spiderwick Chronicles (5)
105Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around YouHolly Black; Tony DiTerlizziThe Spiderwick Chronicles
106Arthur Spiderwick's Notebook for Fantastical ObservationsHolly Black; Tony DiTerlizziThe Spiderwick Chronicles
107The Lion, The Witch and the WardrobeC.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia (1)
108Prince Caspian: The Return to NarniaC.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia (2)
109The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderC.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia (3)
110The Silver ChairC.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia (4)
111The Horse and His BoyC.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia (5)
112The Magician's NephewC.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia (6)
113The Magician's NephewC.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia (6)
114The Last BattleC.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia (7)
115Across the Nightingale FloorLian HearnTales of the Otori (1)
116Grass for His PillowLian HearnTales of the Otori (2)
117Brilliance of the MoonLian HearnTales of the Otori (3)
118The Harsh Cry of the HeronLian HearnTales of the Otori (4)
119Heaven's Net is WideLian HearnTales of the Otori (5)
120A Wrinkle in TimeMadeleine L'EngleTime Quartet (1)
121A Wind in the DoorMadeleine L'EngleTime Quartet (2)
122A Swiftly Tilting PlanetMadeleine L'EngleTime Quartet (3)
123Many WatersMadeleine L'EngleTime Quartet (4)
124Tuck EverlastingNatalie BabbittLost my copy years ago
125Broken Sky 1Chris WoodingBroken Sky (1)
126Broken Sky 2Chris WoodingBroken Sky (2)
127Broken Sky 4Chris WoodingBroken Sky (4)
128Broken Sky 5Chris WoodingBroken Sky (5)
129Broken Sky 6Chris WoodingBroken Sky (6)
130Broken Sky 7Chris WoodingBroken Sky (7)
131Veronika Decides to DiePaulo Coelho
132The ValkyriesPaulo Coelho
133WormwoodG.P. Taylor
134The Tell-Tale Heart and Other WritingsEdgar Allan Poe
135Eight Tales of TerrorEdgar Allan Poe
136The Wheatstone PondRobert Westall
137Fearful LoversRobert Westall
138The Haunting of Chas McGill and Other StoriesRobert Westall
139The Two Dead GirlsStephen KingThe Green Mile (1)
140Coffey's HandsStephen KingThe Green Mile (3)
141Midnight PredatorAmelia Atwater-Rhodes
142Skin and Other StoriesRoald Dahl
143The HistorianElizabeth Kostova
144DragonsongAnne McCaffreyHarper Hall Trilogy (1)
145Molly Moon's Incredible Book of HypnotismGeorgia Byng
146The King in the WindowAdam GopnikSigned copy
147Magical Worlds of Lord of the RingsDavid ColbertLord of the Rings (Unofficial)
148Magical Worlds of Harry PotterDavid ColbertHarry Potter (Unofficial)
149ElfshadowElaine CunninghamSongs & Swords (1)
150Realms of the DeepMel OdomThe Threat from the Sea (3)
151Cracking the Da Vinci CodeSimon Cox
152Holy Blood, Holy GrailMichael Baigent; Richard Leigh; Henry Lincoln
153The Mummy or Ramses the DamnedAnne Rice
154Interview with the VampireAnne RiceThe Vampire Chronicles (1)
155The Vampire LestatAnne RiceThe Vampire Chronicles (2)
156The Queen of the DamnedAnne RiceThe Vampire Chronicles (3)
157MerrickAnne RiceThe Vampire Chronicles (7)
158Blood and GoldAnne RiceThe Vampire Chronicles (8)
159PandoraAnne RiceThe New Tales of the Vampires (1)
160The Wind in the WillowsKenneth Grahame
161The Devil's DictionaryAmbrose Bierce
162The IliadHomer
163TowerValerio Massimo Manfredi
164The Awakening and The StruggleL.J. SmithThe Vampire Diaries (43467)
165The Fury and Dark ReunionL.J. SmithThe Vampire Diaries (43528)
166InterWorldNeil Gaiman; Michael ReavesInterWorld Series (1)
167InterWorldNeil Gaiman; Michael ReavesInterWorld Series (1)Signed copy
168The Graveyard BookNeil Gaiman
169The Phantom of the OperaGaston Leroux
170Simple GeniusDavid Baldacci
171The Third SecretSteve Berry
172The Sigma ProtocolRobert Ludlum
173Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, WitchNeil Gaiman; Terry Pratchett
174The Dangerous Days of Daniel XJames Patterson; Michael LedwidgeDaniel X (1)
175Daniel X: Alien HunterJames Patterson; Leopoldo GoutDaniel X
176The Art of the Dark Knight: With Complete ScriptCraig Byrne
177Meiji Swordsman Romantic StoryNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (1)
178The Two HitokiriNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (2)
179A Reason to ActNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (3)
180Dual ConclusionsNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (4)
181The State of Meiji SwordsmanshipNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (5)
182No WorriesNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (6)
183In the 11th Year of Meiji, May 14thNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (7)
184On the East Sea RoadNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (8)
185Arrival in KyotoNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (9)
186Mitsurugi, Master and StudentNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (10)
187Overture to DestructionNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (11)
188The Great Kyoto FireNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (12)
189A Beautiful NightNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (13)
190The Time is NowNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (14)
191The Great Man vs. The GiantNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (15)
192ProvidenceNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (16)
193The Age Decides the ManNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (17)
194Do You Still Bear the Scar?Nobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (18)
195Shades of RealityNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (19)
196RemembranceNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (20)
197And So, Time PassedNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (21)
198Battle on Three FrontsNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (22)
199Sin, Judgement, AcceptanceNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (23)
200The End of DreamsNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (24)
201The TruthNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (25)
202A Man's BackNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (26)
203The AnswerNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (27)
204Toward a New EraNobuhiro WatsukiRurouni Kenshin (28)
205BeginningsNobuhiro WatsukiHonshin Engi (1)
206Saiyuki Reload 1Kazuya MinekuraSaiyuki Reload (1)
207Saiyuki Reload 2Kazuya MinekuraSaiyuki Reload (2)
208Saiyuki Reload 3Kazuya MinekuraSaiyuki Reload (3)
209Saiyuki Reload 4Kazuya MinekuraSaiyuki Reload (4)
210Ragnarok 1Lee Myung-jinRagnarok (1)
211Ragnarok 2Lee Myung-jinRagnarok (2)
212Night of BloodLee Myung-jinRagnarok (3)
213Dawn of DestructionLee Myung-jinRagnarok (4)
214Twilight of TerrorLee Myung-jinRagnarok (5)
215Midnight's MastersLee Myung-jinRagnarok (6)
216Ragnarok 7Lee Myung-jinRagnarok (7)
217Ragnarok 8Lee Myung-jinRagnarok (8)
218Ragnarok 9Lee Myung-jinRagnarok (9)
219Ragnarok 10Lee Myung-jinRagnarok (10)
220The SupernaturalistEoin Colfer
221Journey to the Center of the EarthJules Verne
222GiftsUrsula K. Le Guin
223The Gospel According to Jesus ChristJose Saramago
224SnowOrhan Pamuk
225The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in EnglishGeza Vermes
226The Dante TrapArnaud Delalande
227The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?Rick Warren
228From Paradise to the Promised LandT. Desmond Alexander
229Trial of the TemplarsEdward J. Martin
230The OdysseyHomer
231The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval EuropeRobert Steven Gottfried
232He Who Fears the WolfKarin FossumInspector Sejer Series (3)
233The NoviceTrudi CanavanThe Black Magician Trilogy (2)
234Rise of the Blood MoonGibbons, Alan
235Soul StealerMartin BoothThe Alchemist's Son (1)
236The Last SiegeJonathan Stroud
237Dirty MagicCarol Hughes
238Dexter in the DarkJeff LindsayDexter Series (3)
239What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7Ben Schoen; Emerson Spartz; Andy Gordon; Gretchen Stull; Jamie LawrenceHarry Potter (Unofficial)
2401001 Books You Must Read Before You DiePeter Ackroyd
241Medieval PanoramaRobert Bartlett
242Panorama of the EnlightenmentDorinda Outram
243Panorama of the Classical WorldNigel Spivey; Michael Squire
244The Panorama of the RenaissanceMargaret Aston
245The Trial of the TemplarsMalcolm Barber
246Cassell's Chronology of World HistoryHywel Williams
247The Monks of WarDesmond Seward
248If This is a ManPrimo Levi
249Legends of the RingElizabeth Magee
250The Complete Sherlock HolmesSir Arthur Conan Doyle
251The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
252HolesSachar, Louis
253Kangkong 1896Ceres S.C. Alabado
254Bataan, Death March, CapasCorban K. Alabado
255The Little PrinceAntoine De Saint-Exupery
256The Time MachineH.G. Wells
257The War of the WorldsH.G. Wells
258Your Mother Was a NeanderthalJon ScieszkaThe Time Warp Trio (3)
2592095Jon ScieszkaThe Time Warp Trio (4)
260The MoffatsEleanor EstesThe Moffats (1)
261The Egypt GameZilpha Keatley SnyderGame Series (1)
262The Last Known Residence of Mickey AcuñaDagoberto Gilb
263The Wizard TestHilari Bell
264The Demon in the TeahouseDorothy Hoobler; Thomas HooblerSamurai Detective (2)
265Rowan and the Keeper of the CrystalEmily RoddaRowan of Rin (3)
266The Prophecies of Nostradamus
267The Name of this Book is SecretPseudonymous BoschSecret Series (1)
268The Samurai's WifeLaura Joh RowlandSano Ichiro Mysteries (5)
269Constantine's SwordJames Carroll
270MagykAngie SageSeptimus Heap (1)
271FlyteAngie SageSeptimus Heap (2)
272PhysikAngie SageSeptimus Heap (3)
273QuesteAngie SageSeptimus Heap (4)
274The Mysterious Benedict SocietyTrenton Lee Stewart
275The GargoyleAndrew Davidson
276Night of the Soul StealerDelaney, JosephThe Last Apprentice (3)
277CraneJeff StoneThe Five Ancestors (4)
278The Murder CasebookColin WilsonTrue Crime Classics Series
279Cannibal KillersPeter HainingTrue Crime Classics Series
280The World's Most Infamous MurdersRoger BoarThe World's
281The World's Most Fantastic FreaksMike ParkerThe World's
282The World's Greatest Alien Conspiracy TheoriesNigel CawthorneThe World's
283The World's Greatest UFO EncountersNigel CawthorneThe World's
284The World's Worst Disasters of the Twentieth CenturyHeather BuchananThe World's
285The Legend of Big FartPat PollariBarf-o-Rama (2)
286Mucus MansionPat PollariBarf-o-Rama (3)
287Guess Who's Dating a Werewolf?J.R. BlackShadow Zone (2)
288HerculesMovie Novelization
289The Road to El DoradoMovie Novelization
290Atlantis: The Lost EmpireMovie Novelization
291From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerKonigsburg, E.L.
292My Great-grandpa's in the Litter BoxDan GreenburgThe Zack Files (1)
293Through the Medicine CabinetDan GreenburgThe Zack Files (2)
294George's Marvellous MedicineRoald Dahl
295There's an Owl in the ShowerJean Craighead George
296The VisitorK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (2)
297The EncounterK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (3)
298The MessageK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (4)
299The PredatorK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (5)
300The CaptureK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (6)
301The AlienK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (8)
302The SecretK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (9)
303The AndroidK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (10)
304The WarningK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (16)
305The UndergroundK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (17)
306The DecisionK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (18)
307The DiscoveryK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (20)
308The ThreatK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (21)
309The SicknessK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (29)
310The ReunionK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (30)
311The ProposalK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (35)
312The UnexpectedK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (44)
313Megamorphs: Elfangor's SecretK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (3)
314Megamorphs: Back to BeforeK.A. ApplegateAnimorphs (4)
315ThingsRodman Philbrick; Lynn HarnettVisitors (2)
316The City of EmberJeanne DuPrauThe Books of Ember (1)
317Nightmare in 3-DR.L. StineGhosts of Fear Street (4)
318Stay Away from the Tree HouseR.L. StineGhosts of Fear Street (5)
319Revenge of the Shadow PeopleR.L. StineGhosts of Fear Street (9)
320House of a Thousand ScreamsR.L. StineGhosts of Fear Street (11)
321Liar LiarR.L. StineThe Nightmare Room (4)
322They Call Me CreatureR.L. StineThe Nightmare Room (6)
323Shadow GirlR.L. StineThe Nightmare Room (8)
324Go Eat Worms!R.L. StineGoosebumps TV Book (9)
325Welcome to Camp NightmareR.L. StineGoosebumps TV Episode (3)
326Return of the MummyR.L. StineGoosebumps TV Episode (4)
327Official Collector's Caps BookR.L. StineGoosebumps
328Holiday Collector's Caps BookR.L. StineGoosebumps
329Monster BloodR.L. StineGoosebumps (3)
330The Curse of the Mummy's TombR.L. StineGoosebumps (5)
331Let's Get Invisible!R.L. StineGoosebumps (6)
332Night of the Living DummyR.L. StineGoosebumps (7)
333The Girl Who Cried MonsterR.L. StineGoosebumps (8)
334The Haunted MaskR.L. StineGoosebumps (11)
335Be Careful What You Wish ForR.L. StineGoosebumps (12)
336Piano Lessons Can Be MurderR.L. StineGoosebumps (13)
337Deep TroubleR.L. StineGoosebumps (19)
338Phantom of the AuditoriumR.L. StineGoosebumps (24)
339Attack of the MutantR.L. StineGoosebumps (25)
340A Night in Terror TowerR.L. StineGoosebumps (27)
341The Creepy Creations of Professor ShockR.L. StineGoosebumps, Give Yourself (14)
342Beyblade 1Takao AokiBeyblade (1)
343Beyblade 2Takao AokiBeyblade (2)
344I Choose You Pikachu!Tracey WestPokemon (1)
345Island of the Giant PokemonTracey WestPokemon (2)
346Attack of the Prehistoric PokemonTracey WestPokemon (3)
347Night in the Haunted TowerTracey WestPokemon (4)
348Charizard, Go!Tracey WestPokemon (6)
349Splashdown in Cerulean City!Tracey WestPokemon (9)
350The Complete Adventures of Curious GeorgeHans Augusto; Margret Rey
351The Lightning ThiefRick RiordanPercy Jackson & The Olympians (1)
352The Sea of MonstersRick RiordanPercy Jackson & The Olympians (2)
353The Titan's CurseRick RiordanPercy Jackson & The Olympians (3)
354The Battle of the LabyrinthRick RiordanPercy Jackson & The Olympians (4)
355The House of PowerPatrick CarmanAtherton (1)
356Rivers of FirePatrick CarmanAtherton (2)
357The Hound of RowanHenry H. NeffThe Tapestry (1)
358The Tales of Beedle the BardJ.K. RowlingHarry Potter
359The Maze of BonesRick RiordanThe 39 Clues (1)
360One False NoteGordon KormanThe 39 Clues (2)
361The Sword ThiefPeter LerangisThe 39 Clues (3)
362NextMichael Crichton
363NeverwhereNeil Gaiman
364NeverwhereNeil GaimanSigned copy
365WinterbirthBrian RuckleyThe Godless World (1)
366BloodheirBrian RuckleyThe Godless World (2)
367TyrantChristian Cameron
368Daughters are Special
369Made in Heaven: KazemichiAmi Sakurai; Yashiki YukariMade in Heaven (1)
370Made in Heaven: JuriAmi Sakurai; Yashiki YukariMade in Heaven (2)
371Maximum Ride Volume 1James Patterson; Lee, NaRaeMaximum Ride (1)
372Suite 606J.D. Robb; Mary Blayney; Ruth Ryan Langan; Mary Kay McComas
373Bridge to TerabithiaKatherine Paterson
374AcheronSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter Series (15)
375Unleash the NightSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter Series (9)
376Night PleasuresSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter Series (2)
377Fantasy LoverSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter Series (1)
378Seize the NightSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter Series (7)
379Dance With the DevilSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter Series (4)
380Sins of the NightSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter Series (8)
381Incubus DreamsLaurell K. HamiltonAnita Blake: Vampire Hunter (12)
382NightfallL.J. SmithThe Vampire Diaries: The Return (1)
383Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter CompanionSherrilyn KenyonDark-Hunter Series
384John Winchester's JournalAlex IrvineSupernatural
385Darkly Dreaming DexterJeff LindsayDexter Series (1)
386Dearly Devoted DexterJeff LindsayDexter Series (2)
387Dexter by DesignJeff LindsayDexter Series (4)
388The Demigod FilesRick RiordanPercy Jackson & The Olympians
389The Last OlympianRick RiordanPercy Jackson & The Olympians (5)
390The Bone MagicianF.E. Higgins
391Demon in My ViewAtwater-Rhodes, AmeliaDen of Shadows (4)
392Danse MacabreLaurell K. HamiltonAnita Blake: Vampire Hunter (14)
393The Dark PlanetPatrick CarmanAtherton (3)
394The SorceressMichael ScottThe Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (3)
395The Second SiegeHenry H. NeffThe Tapestry (2)
396Hannibal RisingThomas HarrisHannibal (4)
397The PrinceNiccolo Machiavelli
398The Magykal PapersAngie SageSeptimus Heap
399Law of ConnectionMichael J. Losier
400The Pillars of the EarthKen FollettThe Pillars of the Earth (1)
401World Without EndKen FollettThe Pillars of the Earth (2)
402Beyond the GraveJude WatsonThe 39 Clues (4)
403Daniel X: Watch the SkiesJames Patterson; Rust, NedDaniel X (2)
404ImperiumHarris, RobertCicero Trilogy (1)
405Skin HungerKathleen DueyA Resurrection of Magic (1)
406A Star Called HenryRoddy DoyleThe Last Roundup (1)
407City of BonesCassandra ClareThe Mortal Instruments (1)
408HannibalThomas HarrisHannibal (3)
409City of AshesCassandra ClareThe Mortal Instruments (2)
410After DarkHaruki Murakami
411The Lost ArmyValerio Massimo Manfredi
412Heart SickChelsea Cain
413Invisible PreyJohn SandfordLucas Davenport Mysteries (17)
414City of GlassCassandra ClareThe Mortal Instruments (3)
415House of MeetingsMartin Amis
416Sacred ScarsKathleen DueyA Resurrection of Magic (2)
417To Kill a MockingbirdHarper Lee
418The Hunger GamesSuzanne CollinsHunger Games (1)Gave my copy away to someone who liked the series more
419Deltora QuestRodda, EmilyDeltora Quest (1)
420SyrenAngie SageSeptimus Heap (5)
421The Book of Dead DaysMarcus SedgwickThe Book of Dead Days (1)
422If You're To Read This, It's Too LatePseudonymous BoschSecret Series (2)
423Catching FireSuzanne CollinsHunger Games (2)Gave my copy away to someone who liked the series more
424The Vampire's Assistant and Other Tales from The Cirque Du FreakDarren ShanThe Saga of Darren Shan (1)
425The Looking Glass WarsFranke BeddorThe Looking Glass Wars (1)
426Seeing ReddFranke BeddorThe Looking Glass Wars (2)
427Arch EnemyFranke BeddorThe Looking Glass Wars (3)
428Percy Jackson & The Olympians - The Ultimate GuideRick RiordanPercy Jackson & The Olympians
429Wycliffe and the Last RitesW.J. BurleyWycliffe (18)
430A Handbook of Greek MythologyH.J. Rose
431MythologyEdith Hamilton
432From Plato to NietzscheE.L. Allen
433Alamat GubatBob Ong
434Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesJane Austen; Seth Grahame-Smith
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452Fragile ThingsNeil Gaiman
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657To the Top!: Climbing the World's Highest MountainKramer, SydelleStep-Into-To Read (5)
658Even More Short & Shivery: Forty Five Spine Tingling TalesRobert D. San Souci
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662Al Capone Does My ShirtsGennifer Choldenko
663Four Classic American Novels: The Scarlet Letter, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Red Badge Of Courage, Billy Budd
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681A Crown of SwordsRobert JordanThe Wheel of Time (7)
682The Path of DaggersRobert JordanThe Wheel of Time (8)
683Winter's HeartRobert JordanThe Wheel of Time (9)
684Crossroads of TwilightRobert JordanThe Wheel of Time (10)
685Knife of DreamsRobert JordanThe Wheel of Time (11)
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687Towers of MidnightRobert Jordan; Brandon SandersonThe Wheel of Time (13)
688A Memory of LightRobert Jordan; Brandon SandersonThe Wheel of Time (13)
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705This Is Not A BookKeri Smith
706Wreck This JournalKeri Smith
707MessKeri Smith
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715Sputnik SweetheartHaruki Murakami
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733The Girl on The TrainPaula Hawkins
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735RubiconTom Holland
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737Time of ContemptAndrezej SapkowskiThe Witcher Saga (2)
738Baptism of FireAndrezej SapkowskiThe Witcher Saga (3)
739The Swallow's TowerAndrezej SapkowskiThe Witcher Saga (4)
740The Girl on The TrainPaula HawkinsHardbound copy
741The Final EmpireSanderson, BrandonMistborn (1)
742The Well of AscensionSanderson, BrandonMistborn (2)
743The Hero of AgesSanderson, BrandonMistborn (3)
744The Alloy of LawSanderson, BrandonMistborn (4)
745Shadows of SelfSanderson, BrandonMistborn (5)
746The Bands of MourningSanderson, BrandonMistborn (6)
747Secret HistorySanderson, BrandonMistborn (0)
748The Winter KingCornwell, BernardWarlord Chronicles (1)
749A Tale for the Time BeingOzeki, Ruth
750UtopiaMore, Thomas