Snapshot 28

Outside LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Ten actual pieces of the Berlin Wall. Such a fantastic piece of history.

Album: Art Basel Hong Kong (2015)

Felix Gonzalez-Torres“Untitled” (Summer)1993Light bulbs, porcelain light sockets and extension cords Myeongbeom Kim“Untitled” (ed.3/5)2015Deer taxidermy, branch, leaves Nilo IlardeFaulty Landscape Chiharu ShiotaState of Being (Bird)2015Plexiglass frame, stuffed bird and black thread Liam GillickSplit Attraction2014Powder-coated aluminium Edmund de Waalbreathturn, II2013416 porcelain vessels in aluminium and plexiglass cabinet Bagus PandegaClandestine Transgression Series: The Anthology Pt. I2015Used wooden door, desk lamp, motor, printed LP vinyl, iron, electronic system, LED, mechanical system Pablo PicassoFemme au petit chapeau rond, assise1942Oil on …

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