Album: Japan (2015)

I think it’s becoming a tradition that my first meal whenever getting into Japan is a bowl of ramen. Even though we were weeks late to the actual blooming, we were able to make it to some beautiful cherry blossoms! A quick visit to Nara’s Kozen-in where we met the most chill deer I’ve ever seen. We took a bus from Osaka to Tokyo which took us through some mountain/rural roads. Lake Ashi.  The start …

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Album: Tagaytay/Taal (2014)

God that lemonade was so damn good. Our view of Taal Volcano as we approach by motor boat. We passed these sulfur rocks on the way up. According to the guide, if we had brought raw eggs, we could have cracked them on the stone and watched them cook from the heat. Trivia of the day: An island inside a lake, inside an island, inside of another lake, inside of an island. In other words: …

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Album: Beach (2009)

Fishermen on bamboo rafts paddle along the river with their slippers as oars before diving in to check traps or pull up nets. An abandoned building for our “Bantay Dagat”, a group meant to patrol the seas for illegal activities like dynamite fishing.