Album: East Kyoto (2014)

Kyoto Station. This place was on a whole new level compared to the previous train stations we had been going to. Osaitokoro. On our way to Ginkakuji, we found this place by complete luck. It was next to the bus stop and we needed to eat lunch. There was a little difficulty because they couldn’t speak English and we couldn’t speak Japanese but they were still very friendly and accommodating so in the end we managed to …

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Album: West Kyoto(2014)

Togetsukyo Bridge. Spanning the entire width of the Katsura River, the name apparently translates to “Moon Crossing Bridge”. I bet this would have been gorgeous to see during the autumn season. It’s associated with a number of traditions, both spiritual and romantic. Tenryuji Temple. Our first glimpse of the coming changing colors. It seems like it might be a complete shame that we weren’t able to come during the actual autumn season but it’s only …

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Album: Beach (2009)

Fishermen on bamboo rafts paddle along the river with their slippers as oars before diving in to check traps or pull up nets. An abandoned building for our “Bantay Dagat”, a group meant to patrol the seas for illegal activities like dynamite fishing.